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Fluitglas deugt niet

Drink geen Champagne met een hoofdletter uit fluitglazen. Hoogstens spul dat je met een kleine letter schrijft. Want drinken uit die ‘flûtes’ kun je vergelijken met een concertbezoek waarbij je oordopjes draagt. Dat is de mening van de president en CEO van het top-champagnehuis Krug. Ze was dezer dagen op bezoek bij Thedrinksbusiness in Londen. De collega’s daar melden:


‘If you are drinking Champagne out of a flute, then you are doing it all wrong, according to Maggie Henriquez, CEO and president of Krug, who compares it to “going to a concert with ear plugs”.

Speaking to dbHK before the official launch of Krug 2004 in Hong Kong this week, the Champagne house’s CEO, Maggie Henriquez, adamantly protested against the use of Champagne flutes, which she says will only diminish the whole experience.

“You don’t use flutes. You see, using a flute is like going to a concert with ear plugs because it will not let you enjoy what is inside, because a good Champagne before anything is a good wine. This is the first line in the little book of the founder [Joseph Krug],” she stressed, “Flutes are for bad champagne, sorbet or gazpacho, but not to drink Champagne.”

This was a point that the executive and the luxury Champagne house felt pertinent enough to note in the Krug ID, an identification system that Henriquez, an engineer by training, launched in 2011. Since then each bottle of Krug including its Grand Cuvée and vintage Champagne has a unique ID that allows buyers to track the wine’s growing and harvesting seasons, storing and service suggestions as well as food and music pairing.

The 2004 vintage of Krug was launched in Hong Kong on 6 September. The wine is made from 39% Chardonnay, 37% Pinot Noir and 24% Meunier, an usual blend as it normally uses more Pinot’