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‘Magere’ wijn van Gallo

Gallo speelt markbewust in op de behoefte aan alcoholarme wijnen bij de Britten. Daar maakt de regering zich al jaren zorgen over het toenemend aantal zware drinkers en wordt alcohol duurder gemaakt om daar een rem op te krijgen. Gallo is nu met Summer White op de Britse markt, een wijn met 5,5 % alcohol en met Barefoot Pink Moscato, met 9 % alcohol. Europa krijgt de primeur. In de Verenigde Staten komt de wijn later op de markt.

Thedrinksbusiness meldt:


Summer White, a blend of Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Moscato and Riesling, is a sister wine to Gallo Summer Red, which launched in the UK in 2011. Described by its makers as having a lighter and fresher style due to its lower alcohol content, the wine is said to boast notes of ‘ripe apple, pear and citrus’, along with ‘subtle floral notes’.
Gallo’s general manager Bill Roberts: ‘We’re reacting to the market with this launch’.

Gallo has chosen to include the calorie content on the label in a bid to lure calorie conscious consumers, its lower abv making it 75 calories per 125 ml serve, which, according to Roberts is 25% less than the average amount.

Earlier this month it emerged that the UK government was considering making it law to add the calorie contents to wine labels to discourage binge drinking.


Also launching at the same time is Barefoot Pink Moscato, made from Californian-grown Moscato mixed with a small amount of white grenache.

The rosé offers “a hint of jasmine” and “notes of nectarine, raspberry and pomegranate,” with the back label suggesting it would pair well with spicy Asian food due to its 7.3g per 100ml of residual sugar.